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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a living trust in South Carolina?

The South Carolina living trust is an estate planning tool designed to avoid probate while providing long-term property management. The term "revocable" means that you may revoke or terminate the living trust at any time. A "living" document is a document which you may continually edit and update.

What is the probate process in SC?

South Carolina’s probate process typically involves: Opening an estate, Appointing a personal representative for the estate, Confirming that the will is authentic and valid, Inventorying the estate’s assets, Notifying creditors and potential beneficiaries,

What is a certification of living trust?

A certificate of trust is a legal document that allows a trust owner to provide a bank or other financial institution with proof that she has the legal right to transfer money or property into and out of the trust without needing to share the full living trust document with said institution.

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