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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CERT got started?

HOW DID CERT START? 1985: The idea to train volunteers from the community to assist emergency service personnel during large natural disasters began. In February of 1985, a group of Los Angeles City officials went to Japan to study its extensive earthquake preparedness plans.

What can I expect from CERT training?

What to Expect From These Classes. CERT training is a series of classes, taught by qualified professionals that will offer Kitsap citizens real, hands-on training in skills they can apply in their homes and neighborhoods, that will help them prepare for and respond to disasters and large-scale emergencies.

What do CERT members do?

CERT members may augment support staff at an Incident Command Post or Emergency Operations Center. Additional teams may also be created to guard a morgue, locate supplies and food, convey messages to and from other CERTs and local authorities, and other duties on an as-needed basis as identified by the team leader.

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