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Frequently Asked Questions

What county is Champaign Illinois in?

Champaign (English: /ˌʃæmˈpeɪn/) is a city in Champaign County, Illinois, United States. The city is 135 miles (217 km) south of Chicago, 124 miles (200 km) west of Indianapolis, Indiana, and 178 mi (286 km) northeast of St. Louis, Missouri.

What is the ZIP code of Champaign IL?

The Champaign Zip Code in Illinois is 61820, 61821, 61822, 61824, 61825, 61826.

What is Champaign, IL known for?

Champaign, Illinois. Champaign is notable for sharing the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with its sister city of Urbana. Champaign is also home to Parkland College which serves about 18,000 students during the academic year. Due to the university and a number of well known technology startup companies,...

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