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Frequently Asked Questions

When to send Champaign County property tax inquiry?

Pay Taxes GIS Site Champaign County Property Tax Inquiry Notice Payments postmarked on or before September 1 or received in our office in that period will not be assessed late penalties. Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to simultaneously finish posting the large volume of payments as we answer your calls. Helpful Hints

What does the Champaign County Assessment Office do?

The County Assessment Office strives to administer an accurate, fair, uniform, and timely assessment of all real property in Champaign County in accordance with and as mandated by the Illinois Property Tax Code.

Where can I get Champaign County Illinois Treasurer certification?

The Certification states that all taxes are paid in full. You can obtain the Certification at the Treasurer's office. The Champaign County Collector mailed over 75,400 real estate tax bills and will collect over $403 million for 156 taxing districts including school districts, cities, villages and special service districts.

When is Champaign County Illinois mobile home tax due?

The Due Date is May 3, 2021. A May 3, 2021 postmark will be considered "on time." Late charges will begin on May 4, 2021. The County Collector sends out approximately 3,400 mobile home tax bills and collects $294,000.00.

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