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What's new in the News-Gazette app?

The News-Gazette 2-in-1 app now includes live news, keeping you up to date on the latest news in real-time, along with convenient access to the print replica e-edition. The eEdition app is an exact replica of our print edition. Enjoy Champaign-Urbana's daily newspaper with search, print and email articles, adjustable font-size, and offline reading.

How good was Justin Bielema's first game in Champaign?

Illinois really couldn’t have asked for more in their season opener and the first game of the Bielema era in Champaign It’s one game, one win, but it was a significant one for Illinois and its first-year coach. “Man, I missed it. I love tailgating,” said James “Big Game” Oliver of Champaign.

What are the best things to do in Champaign?

Queries about a huge house in Champaign, security cameras on campus, a Champaign Police retirement, the Peacemaker Project 703, August humidity, another fast food place, a solar farm in Urbana, Littyville, the I-74/I-57 flyover, upcoming shredding events and that lovely lot on Van Doren Street in Champaign.

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