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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is champion fasteners?

Champion Fasteners, Inc., manufactures and markets stud welding fasteners (70%) and specialty fasteners (30%) primarily for the industrial OEM market. Stud welding products focus on providing a lower installed cost, improved quality and/or improved product design.

Where can I buy hex head fasteners in Elmira NY?

For all your hardware needs, visit Champion Fasteners Inc of Elmira, NY. We offer the area's largest stock of hex head fasteners. Serving Elmira, Corning, Horseheads, Bath, Binghamton, Waverly, Watkins Glen, Southern Tier NY, and the Finger Lakes, we strive to offer the best quality and personal service available.

Why choose champion stud welding?

Champion's customer service representatives have an average of over 13 years of stud welding experience and stand ready to serve customers with one of the most advanced inventory and quotation systems in the industry.

What is the history of champion?

Champion was started in 1990 with a group of individuals who collectively had over 100 years of stud welding experience. Champion's senior managers have an average of over 15 years of stud welding experience each.

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