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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make the background white?

What is done here is the adjustment brush is selected and the adjustments panel is shown in your “Develop” box on the right. From there you can either raise the exposure to make the background white. The brush is set to auto mask so the brush can decipher the contrasted edges of your subject and your white background.

How do you change the background color on Internet Explorer?

On the menu, go to Tools > Internet Options. On the Internet Options dialog box, click the Colors button (at the bottom left corner). Uncheck the Use Windows colors check box, then change the text and background colors to the colors you want (I use black for the background and grey for the text), then click OK.

How to change background from black to white.?

How can the background color be changed from black to white? Steps to Accomplish. Go to > File > Settings > User > Preferences; One the Preferences dialog select the option "Black Background -> White" and this will change the display color of the background.

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