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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your background on a tablet?

How to change the tablet wallpaper On the desktop, click on the Home menu at the top, then select "Set Background Image". Click on the Browse button, then on the left of the window click on the folder where you store your pictures.

Can you change the home screen on the Fire tablet?

Recommendations on your Fire tablet’s Home screen. When you hold your Fire tablet in portrait orientation, recommendations (see D in the figure) appear beneath the Carousel. The recommendations you see are based on content you view and purchase, and they change as you use your Fire tablet. You can hide recommendations.

How do you set wallpaper on Kindle Fire?

Tap and hold your home screen to display the wallpaper selection window. Choose "Gallery" to set a wallpaper from the internal memory of your Kindle. Alternatively, select "Live Wallpapers" or "Wallpapers" to choose one of the pre-defined themes for your eReader.

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