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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the name of a computer in Active Directory?

To change a computer name, use the Rename-Computer cmdlet. Note that the computer must be online and connected to Active Directory. If you want to run this script locally, it will look like this: You can improve the renaming script by joining the computer to the domain and putting it into the specified OU simultaneously.

How to change the name of a computer?

You have to rename the machine itself. This can be done remotely if You want but renaming always requires a reboot to update the name in AD. netdom renamecomputer oldwhatever /newname:whatever /ud:domain\user acct with sufficient rights /PasswordD:*** Force /reboot:how ever many seconds to force reboot when done

How to change computer name in AD-Spiceworks?

Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. And call/send email to user to restart computer. One thing to be aware: workstation need to be restarted after you rename it and before user lock session (windows key + L, etc), because user will not be able to unlock it (at least this was my problem).

How do you rename a domain joined computer?

if you rename a computer account from a domain joined computer - ie my computer > properties > rename computer the computer details will change in AD, however it can take a little time depending on your replication topology and which DC made the change

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