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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your account on Minecraft?

Visit, and log in with your Mojang account email address and password. Next to your Minecraft profile name, click the link that says "Change". Enter a new name, and confirm the new name by entering your password again. Click the "Change name" button.

How do you change your Minecraft user?

Log into your Mojang Account where Minecraft will allow you to change the username via the use of the Mojang site. Enter your email ID and password. In case, you haven’t registered, then just click on Register A New Mojang Account and fill in your details and click Create Account.

How do you change your username on Minecraft?

Now here is where you can change the Minecraft username. Fill in your new username along with a valid modification. Once you see your new username, enter your password and proceed by clicking Change Name. Now, your Minecraft username will be changed within a few minutes displaying your new username.

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