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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register for era / EFT-Molina Healthcare?

Any questions during this process should be directed to Change Healthcare Provider Services at [email protected] or 877-389-1160. To register for EFT/835s, please go to

How to register with Change Healthcare providernet?

Change Healthcare ProviderNet's user-friendly, online registration process will allow you to enter your office locations and depository accounts, and authorize specific payers to initiate electronic claim payments via ACH.

How does ACH work on Change Healthcare providernet?

ACH payments are automatically generated and routed to the configured destination accounts, and ERAs are posted on Change Healthcare ProviderNet. Change Healthcare ProviderNet users are then able to log in and view, search, and download their electronic remittance information in human readable formats.

Where can I Find my Change Healthcare registration code?

What is a registration code & where can I find mine? Registration code will be provided to you by Change Healthcare. This will be included in the contents of your National Payments Connector™ Provider Enrollment email. What is a TIN and where can I find my TIN?

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