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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Change Healthcare?

McKesson owns approximately 70% of the new company, with the remaining equity stake held by Change Healthcare stockholders. The new company continues to be called Change Healthcare. In October 2018, it was reported that Change Healthcare Corporation hired underwriters and investment banks for a 2018/2019 time-frame initial public offering.

What is Change Healthcare communicator?

Change Healthcare is a leading provider of software and analytics, network solutions and technology-enabled services that optimize communications, payments and analytics by leveraging our Intelligent Healthcare NetworkTM the single largest financial and administrative network in the United States healthcare system.

How technology has changed the health care industry?

The following aspects explain how technology has changed the healthcare industry. Dusty and bulky paper files are slowly giving way to streamlined digital records that are securely uploaded to the cloud and made accessible remotely to patients and healthcare professionals.

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