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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ACH work on Change Healthcare providernet?

ACH payments are automatically generated and routed to the configured destination accounts, and ERAs are posted on Change Healthcare ProviderNet. Change Healthcare ProviderNet users are then able to log in and view, search, and download their electronic remittance information in human readable formats.

What can change healthcare providernet do for You?

Change Healthcare ProviderNet gives healthcare providers an easy-to-use portal to manage claims payment and receivables tied to specific payers. For approved claims, payers transmit payment and remittance details in standard HIPAA formats through the portal.

What is the phone number for Change Healthcare?

Call 800-819-7965 to speak with a Support Representative. Call 866-506-2830 for EFT Support. Provider solutions from Change Healthcare bring actionable data, analytics and insights across the healthcare ecosystem.

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