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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose for Change Management?

The purpose of change management is to ensure there is clear communication between the client and the service provider about the requested variation from the accepted specifications, the impact on the time line, and the projected cost of those changes. An added bonus to this process is the validation of authorization for the change requests.

What is formal change management procedures?

A change management process is a formal set of procedures and steps that are set in place to manage all changes, updates, or modifications to hardware and software (systems) across an organization. Typically, the change management process should be formalized through a management-approved policy.

What is the change management cycle?

The change management cycle is a four-stage process companies go through when they adjust their business operations. While change is common in business, the process companies go through to accept or deny the change can vary. The four common change management cycle stages are denial, resistance,...

What is the management of change?

Management of change (MOC) is a systematic approach to organizational changes with the aim of ensuring the continued safety of the workforce throughout the process. These systematic processes ensures that the change is dealt with in a proactive fashion.

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