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Frequently Asked Questions

What does change management software do?

Change management software is used to implement, review and troubleshoot changes into a simple or complex computer network. An organization (utilizing certain types of software) has to regularly update their programs.

Is change management software really necessary?

With digital transformations on the rise, change management software is becoming increasingly recognized as a necessary tool to help companies transition smoothly. Change is a constant in the workplace - especially in the era of digital transformation. Thankfully, several vendors offer change management tools to help smooth any transition.

What is the importance of software change control management?

The importance of software change control management stems from the fact that such changes in software are, in effect, changes to the business processes itself as the software that aids implementation remains inextricably linked to the business process.

What is software change management policy?

Change Management Policy & Procedure Software Linked with Training Control. With MasterControl, the change management policy control can be integrated with training control to allow a change to a document or process that calls for new training to automatically invoke a training task for all employees whose jobs are affected by the change.

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