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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop a change of address?

The simplest and quickest way to cancel your USPS change of address is to visit the official website. You'll need your confirmation number (printed at the top of your change of mailing address confirmation form), as well as the temporary zip code where you have had your mail forwarded.

When does change of address take effect?

In general, a change of address will take effect roughly 7 days after your change COA request. Of course, the exact processing time will depend on a number of factors, including your exact location, time of year, number of requests currently being processed, and so on.

How long is a change of address good for?

Submit a new request. A change-of-address request is good for only six months. If someone sends you mail after the six-month period, it will go to the old address if he had not mailed you since the original request was put through.

What does change of address mean?

Define: Email Change of Address. is an email change of address, sometimes noted as ECOA, is used to find the most recent mailing address for an individual. This is a process technology that is designed to update bouncing emails or inactive email addresses in a mailing list.

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