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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does mail forwarding last USPS?

USPS Mail Forwarding will be active for up to 12 months for First-Class Mail, Express Mail, and packages. Periodicals and magazines will be forwarded for up to 60 days.

What is a temporary change of address?

Temporary Change of Address. A Temporary Change of Address service routes mail from your current address to a new location for a short period. During this time, if you decide to use your new mailing address for the long term, you must manually update senders as you see mail with a yellow forwarding label arrive.

How do I change my address with the IRS?

The first step to change an address with the IRS is to update any correspondence and mail you have with the IRS. Make sure any notification you receive from the IRS has your new address on it. Also, make sure any response to the IRS has the updated and new address.

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