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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Change my USPS mailing address?

Visit the USPS website to submit your change of address online. Scroll over the "Receiving Mail" tab and choose "Change Your Address.". Read over the privacy statement and click on "Click Here to Begin.". Choose a "Permanent" or "Temporary" change of address.

How do you stop mail forwarding from USPS?

If you prefer to cancel your USPS mail forwarding service in person after returning from your trip, you can do so by visiting your local USPS branch or post office. Similar to visiting and filling out a PS Form 3575 for the initial change of mailing address, canceling in person is also a straightforward process.

How do I change my home address?

Change or edit your home address. Follow these steps to change or update your home address. (Note: it must be a United States address and cannot be a PO box). Click the Personal Details tab. Next to Home Address, click Manage Home Address. Click Add Address or Edit to update your home address details. Add: You are moving to a new address.

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