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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you change your computer login password?

Change Your Laptop Login Password (Windows) 1) Press the Ctrl, Alt, & Del buttons at the same time. 2) On the window that pops up, click Change Password. 3) In the window that pops up, type in your old password, then the new password you want TWICE. Once done, click OK.

How to change another user's password in Windows 10?

Method 1: Change Another User's Password with Control Panel Type control in the search bar, and click Control Panel to run it. Choose View by: Small icons, click User Accounts > Manage another account. Under the Choose the user you would like to change section, find the user which you want to change the password and select it. The user profile option of that user will be opened. ... More items...

How to change password in Windows 10 [tutorial]?

How to Change My Password in Windows 10 Using the search bar, type sign in options and then choose Sign-in options from the list of results. If that doesn't work, open Control Panel ... In Windows 10, select Password and then choose Change . In Windows 8, choose Change from the Password section. Enter your current password in the first text box and then select Next . Enter your new password twice to verify that you've typed it correctly. You can type a password hint, too, which will help remind you of your ... Select Next . Select Finish . See More....

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