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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I convert a JPEG file into a PDF?

To use this feature for converting JPEG and JPG files to PDF, you’ll simply have to follow these steps: Open File Explorer and navigate to the folder that holds the image file you want to convert to PDF. Double-click on the image to open it. Once opened, press Ctrl + P to open Print section. Select Microsoft Print to PDF as your printer.

How do I save JPG as PDF?

You can use your web browser to save JPG as PDF. Here I take Chrome as an example. Open your JPG image with Chrome. Then expand the menu and choose Print. Next click Change to get more Print options. In the pop up dialogue, choose the Save as PDF option. Finally, click Save to get the new PDF file.

How do I convert multiple images to PDF?

Multiple image files can be merged into one PDF. Two applications that convert an image to PDF are Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Illustrator. Go to "File," "Combine" then "Merge Files into a Single PDF.". The "Combine Files" window will open. Click on "Single PDF" in the right corner of the window.

What is the difference between a PDF and a JPEG file?

JPEG is generally a graphic image file whereas a PDF is a document file. This is the main difference between the two formats. Both of these can be converted into the other but generally they are used for different purposes. Note that for the same file that is made available in the two formats,...

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