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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change power and sleep settings in Windows 10?

1 Open Settings in Windows 10 (Win+I) 2 Navigate to System -> Power and Sleep. 3 Here you’ll find various options to adjust the power and sleep options for, varying from, On battery power, on plugged in, and more. 4 Adjust it based on your preferences using the dropdown.

How to wake a computer or monitor from sleep?

1 Select Start , then select Settings > System > Power & sleep > Additional power settings. 2 Select Choose what the power button does, and then select Change settings that are currently unavailable. ... 3 You can hibernate your PC by selecting Start, and then select Power > Hibernate.

How to change the Power Plan in Windows 10?

Change the power plan. 1 Start , then type "sleep". 2 Select Power and Sleep settings, then select Additional power settings at the bottom of the screen. The Power Options window appears. 3 Select Balanced (recommended), Power saver, or select Create a power plan on the left side of the screen. 4 Customize your plan settings as desired.

How do I turn off sleep mode on my laptop?

If you are using a desktop, tablet, or laptop, select Choose what the power buttons do. Next to When I press the power button, select Sleep, and then select Save changes. If you are using a laptop, select Choose what closing the lid does.

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