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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the default search engine for silk?

By default, the Silk Browser app uses Microsoft’s Bing search engine to search the web. You can make it use Google instead. To do so, tap the menu button at the top-left corner of the Silk Browser, tap “Settings”, tap “Search engine”, and select “Google”.

How do you set home page in silk?

However, the Silk Browser is very good at remembering what tabs you have opened. The best way to set up your home page is to set up a bookmark that points to your homepage. After you set your bookmark, you can leave your homepage open in one of your tabs. That way you'll always have a tab opened that has all your links.

How do you set the homepage on Silk browser?

Amazon Fire Silk Browser: How to Set Up Your Homepage on the Fire OS Step 1: Open the Silk Browser Step 2: Type in your Homepage URL Step 3: Type in Homepage and Click Next Arrow Step 4: Click on the Bookmark Icon Step 5: Confirm Bookmark Has Been Set Step 6: Another Way to Add Bookmarks. Click the Icon with Three Dots. Step 7: Select Add Bookmark

How do you reset Silk browser?

In this FAQ you will learn how to reset the Silk browser of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, to default settings: Open the Quick settings menu. Tap on More. Go to Applications > Amazon Applications. Tap on Silk. Scroll to the Advanced section section. Tap on Reset all settings to default.

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