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Frequently Asked Questions

Do online petitions actually work?

Online petitions really do work! Signing online petitions is an easy, quick and effective way to advocate for animal rights and welfare and make an impact. There are countless victories and successes where online and paper petitions have worked primarily as an effective secondary method of animal advocacy—behind other more direct lobbying methods.

What is an example of a petition?

List of petition examples. Stop the Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive; Daniel's Law; We Stand With Arizona , and Against Illegal Immigration; I'm an ELF; SSKM SSU Petition: Call For Action Over Restoration of Sabah Sarawak Independence; Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump; Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

What is a political petition?

PETITION, RIGHT OF, is both a political ideal and a constitutional doctrine. As a political ideal it reflects the democratic notion that the officials of government must hear and respond to complaints brought by citizens. As a constitutional doctrine, it is enshrined in the text of the First Amendment, although it is not an absolute right.

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