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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is the game changed?

"Changed" is a difficult, action puzzle game with a lot of chase. The protagonist of the game awakened in a strange room and came to an unfamiliar laboratory building. In the adventure, he will encounter all kinds of unknown creatures, each of which can easily “plunder” his body.

What do you get with changed game body?

Players who own the Changed game body will be given a Changed-special. The special version can be seen as an upgraded and remastered version of the original version of Changed, with a lot of changes.

How do you change game mode on ninjacat?

You can use Left, Right, Up and Down arrow keys or W, A, S, D keys to move the character or stop the character at current position. There is also a Hamburger (3-lines) menu is given at the top-right corner of the game screen to change Game settings. You can change Game Mode to Let’s Surf, Time Trial or Zig Zag.

When did the game changed come out on Steam?

Changed " Changed" is a game created by DragonSnow (With Shizi as the creator of the soundtrack) released on the Steam platform on April 5th of 2018.

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