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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a GIF of a game?

Push a button. Get a Gif. We do the rest. The number #1 tool for clipping your favorite games. Featuring Zero Impact Clipping, Screen Clipping and start & stop based recording. Mobile Powerhouse. Watch the best gaming clips on your phone with our mobile apps for iOS or Android. Share clips. Get famous.

Are there any changes to the game changed?

Thank you players for choosing and supporting the game Changed, thank you. This version is currently under development, only the experience version is currently available, the full version will be updated for free later.

What do you get with changed game body?

Players who own the Changed game body will be given a Changed-special. The special version can be seen as an upgraded and remastered version of the original version of Changed, with a lot of changes.

How to make a GIF for every transfur?

I'm have made a tranparent gif for every non-cutscene transfur in the game using the extracted frames. 10/28 done, taking a break for the moment.

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