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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to change the resolution in GMOD?

I cannot change the resolution of my game in Gmod, I changed of graphic card and I guess it screwed it up. I need a way to either acces the option button, wish is hidden behind the gray bar at the bottom of the screen in the menu or a way to change the resolution of the game outside the game. Thanks in Advance!

How do you change the GMOD gravity in console?

Type sv_gravity 600 in console. Isn't the normal gravity 800? Nope, it's 600. my dude, i made this 5 years ago. You a little late my guy Yeh it's definitely 600 and you can also change it via spawn menu. When you go to "utilities > admin > server settings" you can see a control that says gravity next to it.

Are there any changes to the game changed?

Thank you players for choosing and supporting the game Changed, thank you. This version is currently under development, only the experience version is currently available, the full version will be updated for free later.

Who is the creator of the GMOD furry addon?

Before Commenting Please Read The Description... I AM NOT THE CREATOR OF THIS ADDON, THIS IS ONLY AN UPLOAD TO THE GARRY'S MOD WORKSHOP, SO DONT ASK FOR MORE TAUNTS, THE ONLY THING I CAN DO IS FIX BUGS, and if you created this, pm me and tel... it was made by warfaremachine.

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