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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many Gotchas with TFS?

There are too many gotchas such as only working with local workspaces (the .tfignore is ignored when using server workspace) and even when only using local workspace I’ve seen cases where files that should be ignored and came back to haunt the pending changes window.

Why is TFS version control is dead or already moving to?

TFVC seems to check if the file is supposed to be watched or not on a file basis — every time you add a file to an ignored folder he seems to first check if the file should be tracked or not. This makes processes that includes many files such as installing NuGet packages much slower (even if the related files are ignored).

Which is the best transformation game for TF?

The Underworld is a text-adventure TF game that includes a huge variety of transformations, including lots of human to anthro and other monster type changes. “The Underworld” is a quarantine zone for other “changed” people, and throughout the story you’ll be engaging in power plays, espionage and identity theft to keep your humanity.

Are there any changes to the game changed?

Thank you players for choosing and supporting the game Changed, thank you. This version is currently under development, only the experience version is currently available, the full version will be updated for free later.

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