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Frequently Asked Questions

When did The Changeling The Lost come out?

Changeling: The Lost is the fifth game for the new Chronicles of Darkness, published by White Wolf. It was announced via an advertisement in the back of Promethean: The Created, and was released in August 2007.

What kind of setting does Changeling take place in?

It uses the Storytelling System for rules and is set in the Chronicles of Darkness setting. Changeling is the second limited game published by White Wolf after Promethean: The Created, but in April 2008 it was announced that because of the success of the line it would be an extended limited series not limited to five books.

Why are changelings called seemings in the lost?

Seemings are labels for changelings who have undergone similar transformations while being held prisoner in the Faerie realm. It is largely a reflection of the experiences and environment the Lost was held in before escaping.

Who are the characters in Changeling The Lost?

The player characters, and many non-player character Changelings, are those who managed to fight, sneak, run, or trick their way back to freedom and the mortal world, but even when they return they bear the scars of their experience. Their very bodies have been changed into inhuman shapes.

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