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Frequently Asked Questions

What is construction change clause?

Changed condition clause is a provision within a construction contract which details the contractor's liability in bearing an additional cost for unforeseen changes in the condition of the construction site. Commonly used changed condition clauses are the site investigation clause and the disclaimer clause.

What is a contract change clause?

A changes clause, in government contracting, is a required clause in United States government construction contracts.

What is a modification clause?

A modification agreement is a legal document and is used to insert a new agreement into an existing one. A modification agreement clause states that the contract may be modified by way of writing and signed by all parties.

What is change of condition clause?

Changed conditions may reflect an error or omission in the plans that ends up adding costs to the project. Most contractor agreements have a "hidden," "concealed," or "changed" conditions clause, which attempts to pass those costs to the homeowner.

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