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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rename my Windows 10 computer?

1 Open the Settings menu. In Windows 10, there is a simplified Settings menu that is very easy to understand. 2. Open the System Settings menu. From the list given, click the System option. 3. Rename your PC. On the new page, you should see the Rename PC button at the very top. 4. Restart the PC.

How do I change my laptop screen?

Adjust the physical position of the laptop screen by pulling forward on the top of the screen or pushing backward to change the viewing angle. Decrease screen brightness by holding the Fn key while pressing repeatedly on the down arrow key. Brighten the screen by holding the Fn key and pressing repeatedly on the up arrow key.

How do you change clock on computer?

Follow these steps to change the clock's time on your PC: Right-click on the system clock in the taskbar, and choose "Adjust Date/time" from the context menu. Windows 7 will open the "Date And Time" dialog: Click on the "Change Date And Time" button (you may have to supply the computer Administrator's password to modify date and time settings).

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