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Frequently Asked Questions

Are major changes coming to Social Security?

Social Security will change in several significant ways next year. (Getty Images) Social Security payments will grow by 1.3% in 2021. The program will also be adjusted in several important ways that could affect the Social Security payments you receive or how much you pay into the system. Get ready for these Social Security changes coming in 2021:

Will the Social Security increase in 2022 be $200?

Social security benefits are usually adjusted to account for inflation. Those adjustments have mostly resulted in a raise for recipients. As a result of soaring product prices, social security payments for some recipients could rise more than $200 in 2022. If you’re a retiree or about to retire, you may want to know when you'll get that money.

Can I work and still get Social Security?

Yes, you can get Social Security retirement benefits and continue to work. Beginning in the month you reach full retirement age, you can get full benefits without limits on your earnings (the month you turn 66 years old is full retirement age in 2017).

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