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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie Chantilly Lace?

Directed by Linda Yellen. With Martha Plimpton, Ally Sheedy, Lindsay Crouse, Jill Eikenberry. Emmy winner, Linda Yellen, brings together an all-star ensemble cast for Chantilly Lace which received worldwide acclaim for its intimate exploration of the secret lives of women.

What is the answer to Chantilly Lace?

"Chantilly Lace" inspired an answer song performed by Jayne Mansfield, titled "That Makes It”, hypothetically based on what the girl may have been saying at the other end of the line. Bopper 486609 - Donna Dameron ( Dart 113 -1959), was an answer record.

Who wrote the song Chantilly Lace?

(1958) "Chantilly Lace" is the name of a rock and roll song written by Jerry Foster, Bill Rice, and Jiles Perry "The Big Bopper" Richardson, the last of whom released the song in August 1958.

When did Chantilly Lace by Jerry Lee Lewis come out?

It was the third most played song of 1958. On the Cash Box chart, "Chantilly Lace" reached number four. A 1972 version by Jerry Lee Lewis was for three weeks a No.1 hit on the Billboard Hot Country Singles chart and a top fifty pop hit in the US and a Top 40 pop hit in the UK.

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