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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Chantilly Lane singing teddy bears?

Chantilly Lane Singing Teddy Bears are an amazing gift for anyone. These Chantilly Lane Bears sing and sway their head to their specially selected songs. Old or young Chantilly Lane bears can warm anyone's heart. We do not sell your information.

What are Chantilly Lane musicals?

Chantilly Lane Musicals are PBC's main (and currently only) line of musical plush toys. When the brand was first developed in mid/late 2005, it consisted of only the long-legged, fancy dressed bears that PBC is most known for.

What are Chantilly Lane® musical chips made from?

Each musical item is a licensed original design that comes with AA batteries. Our musical chips are produced from the highest quality digital recordings. We guarantee our Chantilly Lane® plush will put a smile on everyone's face!

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