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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a chaplain?

Duties and Responsibilities. A chaplain's most important job is to provide religious services, spiritual guidance, and counseling to those in need. According to O-Net Online, a website created for the U.S. Department of Labor, a chaplain gives sermons to encourage spirituality and provide comfort.

Why to be a chaplain?

A chaplain must be capable of deep empathy and open to forming relationships with a variety of different people from all backgrounds. As a chaplain, you will be in a position to help people who are at their most vulnerable, whether they're terminally ill or stationed in a place far away from their home and family.

How can chaplains help?

Chaplains help Soldiers sort through emotions, thoughts, and feelings—whether mobilized, at drill weekend, or in civilian life. Chaplains are also spiritual leaders that can help Soldiers practice faith and religious beliefs. Unfortunately, some Soldiers get the wrong impression about what a Chaplain does and may keep a distance.

What does a chaplain do?

Chaplains lead nondenominational religious services and provide spiritual support to those who are unable to attend organized religious services. A chaplain may work in a hospital, prison, or university, or serve as part of the military.

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