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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the idea of Chapul come about?

We engineer, procur, and construct industrial scaled farms using the latest insect agriculture systems. In 2012, Chapul was born as a way to introduce edible insects into Western cuisine as a healthy and sustainable protein in response to the growing water crisis driven by agricultural water consumption.

Why did Patrick Crowley start the company Chapul?

Chapul was founded in 2012 by Patrick Crowley with the help of family and friends as a way to introduce edible insects and their amazingly healthy & sustainable protein into the Western cuisine. The reason? His passion for water. Have you ever thought about the connection between our water supply, climate change, and the foods you eat regularly?

How does Chapul farms help the food system?

Chapul Farms is now building out a robust supply chain of insect agriculture to help end food waste, eliminate antibiotics in our food, regenerate our soil health, destroy our reliance on fossil fuels, and ignite a revolution to take back our food system.

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