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Why is the charter colony important?

The Charter was an extraordinary document because it gave the people of Connecticut a clear legal basis for their colony , provided for the absorption of New Haven Colony, and, most importantly, granted the "Governour and Company of the English Colony of Connecticut in New England in America" an exceedingly generous degree of self-government.

What does a royal charter or proprietary colony mean?

Royal: A colony governed by the crown . Charter: A colony that was governed by a trade company and received its authorization from the king. Proprietary: A colony that was governed by a proprietor, who was responsible to the king. Nice work!

What does colonial charters in the Thirteen Colonies mean?

Colonial charters in the Thirteen Colonies. A charter is a document that gives colonies the legal rights to exist. Charters can bestow certain rights on a town, city, university, or other institution. Colonial charters were approved when the king gave a grant of exclusive powers for the governance of land to proprietors or a settlement company.

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