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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between charter and private?

They act independently of school districts. For this reason, charter schools receive funds from the state government and private institutions. In comparison, there is a fee for attending a private school. Private schools are private entities that act independently.

What is the significance of a charter?

A charter is a legal document that formally establishes a corporate entity . Charters are issued by national or provincial governments. Before being chartered, the company may have existed as a partnership, sole proprietorship or similar structure.

What is a sentence for the word charter?

Example Sentences for "charter" We got a really good deal on a charter flight to Spain last fallThe Tacoma team chartered a bus to take them to the tournament in Seattle. We got a really good deal on a charter flight to Spain last fall. The Red Cross has chartered a number of planes to carry food and medical supplies to the region.

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