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Frequently Asked Questions

How do charter schools get their funding?

How Are Charter Schools Funded? Start-Up Grants Get the Process Moving. Start-up grants, available from both the state and federal departments of education, provide new charter schools with necessary funding and resources in the early ... State Funds Make Things Happen. ... Categorical Grants Meet Specific Needs. ... Charities and Fundraising Fill in the Gaps. ...

What are the rules for charter schools?

As a general rule, charter schools are open enrollment and must accept any student who applies. There are exceptions though. A charter is only allowed to serve students in the grades in its approved charter. The school may also only accept students who live in the charter's approved geographic boundary.

What is a charter school, exactly?

A charter school is a public school that operates as a school of choice. Charter schools commit to obtaining specific educational objectives in return for a charter to operate a school. Charter schools are exempt from significant state or local regulations related to operation and management but otherwise adhere to regulations of public schools ...

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