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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best charter schools in Michigan?

Michigan's charter schools are cultivating K-12 public education that innovates, inspires & supports modern students, educators & families. The results are in! After multiple rounds of judging, in person interviews we're happy to announce our Administrator and Teacher of the Year!

Where do I go to school in Lansing?

Sheridan Road STEM Eastern International Baccalaureate Biotechnical Academy Everett New Tech High Sexton High School STEM2 Early College Magnet Safari Montage In-District Transfers Preschool Bilingual Education Bilingual Support Services Bilingual Intake Office Bilingual Online Resources

Who are the teachers at Lansing High School?

New Teacher Network Principal Network & SAMs Instructional Coaching Program Aspiring Leaders Program Human Capital Management Systems Newsletters & Publications District Athletics Eastern High School Athletics Everett High School Athletics Sexton High School Athletics Ebersole Environmental Education and Conference Center About Ebersole

What are the magnet schools in Lansing Michigan?

Magnet Schools Cavanaugh STEAM Dwight Rich School of the Arts Pattengill Biotechnical Magnet School Attwood New Tech Magnet School Gardner International Magnet School Lewton Global Studies/Spanish Immersion Mt. Hope STEAM Sheridan Road STEM Eastern International Baccalaureate Biotechnical Academy

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