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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best charter school in Memphis?

Freedom Preparatory Academy Charter Schools are some of the best schools in Memphis, TN. We care about our students, and are committed to our families. Our mission is to prepare all students in grades Pre-Kindergarten (PreK) through 12 to excel in college and in life.

Are there any charter schools in Shelby County?

The Shelby County Schools’ charter sector enrollment has continued to increase over the past five plus years. Nine charter schools have been in operation under Shelby County Schools (SCS) or Memphis City Schools (pre-merger) for over ten years as of the 2018-19 school year.

Is there a charter school for Memphis Grizzlies?

By the time they reach high school, only 6% are ready for college according to the ACT. Grizzlies Prep is the only public charter school backed by an NBA Team to provide an excellent education for young men. Tuition Free. “Grizzlies Prep was just what my son needed!”

What does Veritas College Preparatory Charter School do?

Veritas College Preparatory Charter School prepares Memphis students in grades six through eight to excel in high school and college as accomplished scholars and to contribute to their communities as ethical leaders. Accomplished scholars. ethical leaders.

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