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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best charter school in Wake County NC?

2021 Best Charter Schools in Wake County. 1 Raleigh Charter High School. Public School Raleigh, NC 9-12 Rating 4.48 out of 5 196 reviews. 2 Quest Academy. 3 Exploris Middle School. 4 Sterling Montessori Academy. 5 Magellan Charter School. More items

How does Wake Forest Charter Academy outperform the local school district?

Wake Forest Charter Academy outperformed the local school district on the state test for the past five years. Sixth- through eighth-grade students at Wake Forest gathered to pack over 10,000 meals in partnership with Rise Against Hunger. “You can never be too young to lend a hand,” said one eighth-grade scholar.

Is there a YouTube channel for Wake Forest Charter?

Wake Forest Charter Academy now has a YouTube channel! Visit our channel to learn more about the school today. We’re proud to introduce Excel-erate, our new advanced learning program. For the student ready to accelerate beyond grade level, Excel-erate provides the resources and instruction they need.

Is there a central Wake School in NC?

Alum: Central Wake is very self paced and independent, but lacks proper staffing for it's growing population that results in the mishandling of students who need deeper levels of help.

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