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Frequently Asked Questions

Why work at Chartwells Higher Education?

Whether we’re providing career training or offering advancement opportunities, we empower our associates to pursue careers that ignite their passions and encourage them to create their own stories. Because at Chartwells Higher Education, your passions are our passions, your story is our story, and we are at our best when you are at yours.

What is project-based learning at Chartwell?

Chartwell High School is rooted in project-based learning. Each school year is broken into four themed Project Periods. During each Project Period, the curriculum is shaped around a particular driving question and students engage in the production of a project that explores that question.

Why choose Chartwells child nutrition?

With the largest team of registered dietitians in the child nutrition industry, we foster a sense of adventure through experiential learning activities – all with healthier students, healthier communities and a healthier planet in mind! “The partnership with Chartwells has transformed the way we feed children at Witchita Falls ISD.”

Why Chartwell therapies?

At Chartwell, we're all here for the same reason -- making sure each patient experiences a positive, successful therapy outcome in the comfort of their own home. From nursing to finance, pharmacy to delivery, each of us contributes in our own way, in our own career path.

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