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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Chartwell high school?

With the growth of the high school and an increased interest in sports, Chartwell High School is launching its first competitive athletics teams this year. We will start the year with basketball and wrestling, and offer golf in the spring. Garrett Benjamin joined Chartwell this year and will be the athletic director for the high school. Mr.

What is project-based learning at Chartwell?

Chartwell High School is rooted in project-based learning. Each school year is broken into four themed Project Periods. During each Project Period, the curriculum is shaped around a particular driving question and students engage in the production of a project that explores that question.

Who is Monterey County's Best K-12 teacher?

Chartwell School and STEAM Director Topher Mueller have been nominated in the Best School category and in the Best K-12 Teacher category of Monterey County Weekly’s “Best Of” Poll. Both categories are in the AROUND TOWN section. Voting is open until September 7, 2021. VOTE HERE

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