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Frequently Asked Questions

Which airlines have the cheapest flights?

No U.S. airlines were in the cheapest 50 airlines, which all came in at $0.14 or less. When it came to international travel, the study found that Asian airlines had the lowest cost flights. The cheapest was AirAsiaX, followed by Air India Express, Indonesia AirAsia, Primera Air, and IndiGo Airlines.

When is the cheapest day to buy a flight?

Mid-Week Drop. Wednesdays are traditionally the cheapest day to fly, according to a Fare Compare study of historical airfare data. Airlines generally offer sales on all flights during the middle of the week, but Wednesday seems to be the least desirable day to fly.

What is the cheapest domestic airline in the US?

Some of the airlines offering cheap domestic flights in the USA include Southern Airways Cape Air Boutique Air Spirit Airlines Frontier Airlines Contour Airlines

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