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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compare car insurance?

A quick guide to comparing car insurance Compare car insurance companies. Use up-to-date-information to account for life changes. Compare coverages and limits. Experiment with deductibles. Consider potential for big discounts. Compare payment plans. Read the fine print.

What is the car insurance rate in Florida?

The average car insurance rate in Florida is $1,823 a year. Car insurance companies use different formulas and weigh risks differently for each driver. This means rates can vary significantly by insurer, which is why you should compare rates.

What are the car insurance companies in Florida?

Due to the state's unique insurance requirements, an auto insurance policy for Florida residents must be issued by a company operating within the state. Fortunately, most national car insurance companies operate in Florida, including: USAA. Geico. State Farm. Metlife. Progressive. Esurance.

Where to find car insurance?

Look in Your Glove Box. Start by searching your car. In the visor, the center council, and the glove box are the most common places to store insurance information. Maybe you can locate a prior or possibly even current proof of insurance in the car. Getting your hands on this document will be the fastest way to know if you have car insurance.

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