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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum coverage for auto insurance in Nevada?

There are minimum coverage requirements that you need to hold in the state of Nevada for car insurance. These minums are required to register any vehicle and to drive legally. Auto insurance minimum requirements in Nevada are as follows: $15,000 for bodily injury, or death of one person in any one accident.

How can I get auto insurance quotes?

One way to get quotes is by directly contacting commercial auto insurance agents. You can do this by either calling or visiting them at their offices. Perhaps the simplest way to get commercial auto insurance quotes is by utilizing the Internet. Many car insurance companies offer online quotes to help make your shopping easier.

Can online car insurance quotes save me money?

This is the main reason for obtaining online quotes. Usually, policyholders can find better insurance deals that are 5-10% lower than their current insurance deals, after comparing several online car insurance quotes. In many cases, drivers will save hundreds of dollars per year.

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