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Frequently Asked Questions

Should we rent a car in Honolulu?

Transportation Options In and Around Honolulu and Waikiki. Assuming, for the moment, that you are staying in Waikiki and have decided not to rent a car at the airport. Many, if not most, hotels and resorts have activities desks or even car rental company desks right at the resort where you can rent a car for a day or two.

Can I rent a car in Okinawa?

Usually, to rent a car in Okinawa you must be at least 21—the same as it is across most of the country. Additionally, many suppliers charge an added fee if you are under 25. Be sure to read through the rental agreement to discover any additional fees will be before you book your car.

Does Enterprise Rent a car?

Some Enterprise Rent-A-Car locations may accept debit cards, pre-paid cards, or other forms of payment to secure the rental transaction. To reserve a vehicle without a major credit card, please contact the local office directly. Two current utility bills - example: water bill, gas bill, or an internet/cable bill.

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