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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest flight in California?

California's Long Beach Airport (Daugherty Field; LGB) has the cheapest flights, with an average fare of just $216. Last year, LGB came in at the number two spot.

Who flies into Charlotte NC?

British Airways, Lufthansa and Air Canada are three international airlines that make flights directly to the Charlotte Airport from their home ports. Domestic flights to Charlotte are serviced by United, Northwest, Delta, American and US Airways, making it fairly simple to find a flight into Charlotte any time...

What are airline tickets?

An airline ticket is a document or electronic record, issued by an airline or a travel agency, that confirms that an individual is entitled to a seat on a flight on an aircraft. The airline ticket may be one of two types: a paper ticket, which comprises coupons or vouchers; and an electronic ticket (commonly referred to as an e-ticket).

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