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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Cheap Trick surrender come out?

It was first featured on their third studio album “Heaven Tonight”. And like most of their songs, Cheap Trick played it in their concerts before recording it in the studio which is why “Surrender” dates back to as early as 1976 – two years before its release.

What is the name of Cheap Trick's third album?

Heaven Tonight is Cheap Trick's third studio album, released in 1978. Popular songs from this album include the anthemic "Surrender", "Auf Wiedersehen", the title track, and a cover of The Move's "California Man". Heaven Tonight is also known as the first album ever recorded with a 12-string electric bass.

What are some of the best songs about surrender?

About “Surrender” 1 Surrender 2 On Top Of The World 3 California Man 4 High Roller 5 Auf Wiedersehen 6 Takin’ Me Back 7 On the Radio 8 Heaven Tonight 9 Stiff Competition

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