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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the flame by Cheap Trick mean?

In this song, the flame represents the singer's love, which will always burn bright. Those following Cheap Trick's career spotted this song as an outlier, since they eschew metaphor in their songwriting. Note the difference between this song and their previous hit: After the fire. After all the rain.

Who is the director of Cheap Trick's the flame?

The video was produced by Paul Flattery and directed by Jim Yukich. Considered as the band's comeback album following the commercial failure of the 1986 album The Doctor, Lap of Luxury spawned three top 40 hit singles and one minor hit single.

Who is the drummer for Cheap Trick the flame?

In an interview with Gerry Galipault, Cheap Trick drummer Bun E. Carlos explained: "The vice president at Epic told us he had these two songs and they're both gonna be #1. He goes, 'We got one for you and one for the group Chicago, but you can have first choice.' He said, 'I think the one 'The Flame' would be good for you guys.'

Where did the song Cheap Trick come from?

In an interview by Gerry Galipault (of Pause & Play), Bun E. Carlos explained the origin of the song, unusual for Cheap Trick being written by professional songwriters as… Read More Oh! Whatever you want, I'll give it to you

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